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Day 3 (books)

As a precursor to my blog, I have been examining the blogs of others, and it seems, to me at least that the successful ones have some sort of theme to them rather than simple-minded ramblings, so I have (for the time being) decided on a general topic. I, for one am a voracious reader and I need to read more, so after today, I have decided that every Friday there will be a review of the book I read that week. Now, it is relatively easy for me to get through a book per week, but living in the world I realize that I might get through a whole book every week. So Fridays will still be a review, but they may not be a review of a whole book, rather they may be bits and pieces of books. If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them, unfortunately the library is slightly hard to get to from where I am currently, but I shall try. Right now, though happens to be a point where I have a lot of time and a library in close proximity, so, for now at least Fridays will be a review of a whole book and I will build up my reserves of books for upcoming Fridays after that.

I read everything, except romance, so any category other than that will probably show up at least once. I have only recently began to read a variety of non-fiction books, so my knowledge of those is rather limited, but I adore most of the fiction and non-fiction sections (except for those pesky romances).

Hoping this blog will last at least until the review of book 1,



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Day 2


So far so good, alas it is only day 2, but I feel as though this progress points into the right direction of me actually continuing, unfortunately I do not have a specific topic I wish to discuss today, so for now, it will just be some rambling on.

I have been read some quotes today on a website called ““. Although, I feel as though I should be doing something more productive, there is an allure to simply reading all of the inspiring quotes.  This is one of my favorites. I will have to use it soon and then I will report in my results.


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I find myself oddly entranced at the thought of keeping this blog. Although my previous attempts at the follow through on blogs, diaries, journals, you name it, have quickly fallen by the wayside. I have hope that this one will last longer…oh, who am I kidding. If I keep this up to date for more than a month or two I will consider it a success. Actually, knowing me, two weeks would be a success. So do not get your hopes up, if, for some odd reason you are actually reading this. Just for your information, I am not considered a pessimist by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, although I would consider myself a realist, most consider me an optimist. Now, with that in mind, as I said before, do not get your hopes for any long term commitment from me. Thankfully, my blog contract is nowhere near as binding as marriage, so as far as I can see, no harm, no foul, if this also falls to the wayside.


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