Day 3 (books)

As a precursor to my blog, I have been examining the blogs of others, and it seems, to me at least that the successful ones have some sort of theme to them rather than simple-minded ramblings, so I have (for the time being) decided on a general topic. I, for one am a voracious reader and I need to read more, so after today, I have decided that every Friday there will be a review of the book I read that week. Now, it is relatively easy for me to get through a book per week, but living in the world I realize that I might get through a whole book every week. So Fridays will still be a review, but they may not be a review of a whole book, rather they may be bits and pieces of books. If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them, unfortunately the library is slightly hard to get to from where I am currently, but I shall try. Right now, though happens to be a point where I have a lot of time and a library in close proximity, so, for now at least Fridays will be a review of a whole book and I will build up my reserves of books for upcoming Fridays after that.

I read everything, except romance, so any category other than that will probably show up at least once. I have only recently began to read a variety of non-fiction books, so my knowledge of those is rather limited, but I adore most of the fiction and non-fiction sections (except for those pesky romances).

Hoping this blog will last at least until the review of book 1,



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  1. I think you can do it!! Keep on, keepin’ on.

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