New Years Day and Day of Birth


When I started this blogging business I thought that would only last a few days, but three was even very few for me. Hopefully, this time, I will reach at least four days. I kept telling myself that I would return when I had tried to flip a coin to make a big decision. Unfortunately,  I have not had any major decisions to make, maybe next time though…

This year I have decided not to make a new year’s resolution, even though I have in years previous. “Why?” you may ask. I have decided that rather than a new year’s resolution I will make a birthday resolution. New years seems to me to be an odd holiday. There is no particular reason, as far as I can see, that the new year was three days ago. I mean, is there any rhyme or reason it could not be between February and March, or September and October, or even in the middle of a month. A day of much more importance for me is my birthday. Yes, my birthday could have been in any month, or even the same day as new years day, but something actually changes on that date. When you are eighteen you can vote. When you are 21 you can legally have alcohol. When you are 35 you can run for president. When you have been through 18 new years days though there is nothing necessarily  different than 17 new years days.  So I will have a birthday resolution, instead of a new years resolution mostly for that reason (also, I have not thought of a good one yet).



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