Leap Day


Today is what is know as Leap Day, February 29th. I was told I was supposed to seize the day a while ago, since Leap Day is kind of like the extra day gifted to us once every four years. I, however, disagree. Leap Day is more or less just one more hash mark on the days, there is no holiday. My year would be practically identical if leap day did not exist. Despite the general public’s idea of the importance of leap day, I find it to simply throw me off. For instance, when little kids are learning how many days there are in each month there is an very different number of days in February. To me it would make much more sense if Leap day and the last day of March were switched therefor there would always be 29 days in February and 30 or 31 days in March or take it off of August.

Also, why is it called Leap Day, rather the 28th of February when there is no 29th should be leap day since you leap over the 29th. Alternatively, the 29th of February could be called Lag Day.

Confused about “Lag Day”,



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