The inkWELL Press liveWELL Planner LOATHES

As much as I adore are stare at my planner in awe, there are some things that I thoroughly dislike, or just irk me. So, let us just start.

1. The color scheme- as much I raved about the stunning color palette of this planner, there is one thing that gets to me. It repeats. It repeats (see what I did there, I am really proud of myself). As silly and ridiculous as it sounds, it really that it seems that so much thought was put into every detail that this calendar’s monthly color scheme repeats. For example, January is a subdued mustard color and a teal/aqua color, but so is May AND September. Each monthly color palette is in this planner three times. It bothers me that as I had previously believed that so much thought and attention was put into each and every detail. Now I question that as the color palette thought seems to have been skimped on. I know it is small, but it just bugs me. Plus, October is pink, now February is pink which make sense in my brain, but I feel as though October is more of a fall feeling to me and pink just does not do that for me.

2.The Tabs-the quality so far is lovely, they seem to be the right size for me, so none of those bother me. What bothers me is the color (do I sense a trend). So, there are fifteen tabs in total (each month has a tab, as well as a plan ahead, fun stuff and notes tab) and five of them are in the turquoise color family. The whole point of tabs to me is being to easily find the section that I want and with a third of the tabs in the same color family. Also there are two of the color family tabs next to each other, which does not help my brain find which month I am on. Just for reference, the tabs in order of color are dark grey (plan ahead), pale mustard, medium grey, a purple wine (I am exercising my color description muscles), darker teal, pale yellow, tangerine, grey-green, slightly paler mint, dark violet, pink, purple toned maroon, darker teal (as far as I can tell this color is the same as April) (January- December), ever so slightly lighter mustard than January for Fun Stuff, and lastly a mint for Notes. Just to recap, there are five tabs in the tealish family, three is the muted yellow/mustard category, and three purple-esque tabs. That leaves four tabs, two of which are in the grey family, a tangerine, and a pink. Here is just a smattering of tabs.


3.The Holidays- these are a point of contention for me in a multitude of planners. They seem to be too small to actually be useful and beneficial. However, they are just big enough to be distracting so that if I did not need them I had to find some way to cover them up. I find that this is only true in the weekly version, the monthly version seems to fit my needs needs much better. Have you found this and if so, any solutions??

4.The Cover- as much as I adore the design I have already dented it and while nobody else would even notice. I find that even though I plan not to take this anywhere with me I still need something protect the cover. I have spilled a small amount of water on it and it wiped off very well.

5.The Accordion Folder- I have no idea why this was somehow deemed better than the clear pouch, sheets of anything seem to fall out, if they are not the perfect size. It is so inconvenient for me to open and close, I spend so much time on this task that I generally deem it not worth my time.There are these white things that the string goes around (very technical term, I know), has already bent so that I have to it to bend it back. How quickly is that going to look bad?? My guess is less than a month if I don’t break the string before that. I am thinking that I just might take the string off, or the entire pocket, although I am not sure what I should put there instead. Other than this and the cover the planner has held up perfectly.



P.S. Just for reference, I get a $10 credit and you would get 20% off your purchase of a planner at . I tried to find codes for 20% off without giving someone else money if you are uncomfortable with this, but I could not. Sometimes inkWELL has promo codes on their social media sites, so I will link those here.






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