Refresh, Revamp, Reevaluate

I always have the urge around the new year to refresh everything. Just to air everything out, do a little refreshing of the things I enjoy and reevaluate what I constitute as important. While doing I noticed that my planner from last year, started to drive me nuts at the end of year. The quality of the planner was there (admitted it was not perfect, but it was adequate), but there were some user issues that arose. I had decided to stick any paraphernalia that I wanted to remember in it. After a whole year of sticking papers, buttons, stickers, pamphlets, photos, etc. By the time December rolled around my planner was bursting with everything I had stuck in it. The coil was coming apart, and with things were falling out often a new solution was needed.

With the acquisition of a new planner, I have settled on a new system for my papers and things as I wanted this planner to not look like it went through a tornado, or four. I researched numerous different ways to keep my memories and I finally settled on this neat little scrapbooking type deal. Photo boxes seemed like I would forget my memorabilia, and it would just be left sitting there. I looked at doing something digital, however that was not method I would want to go as technology seems to be constantly changing and I have a bad record with digital things. I also really enjoy having physical mementos to look back at. I also looked at traditional scrapbooks and that looks time consuming and I would need a lot of things to begin scrapbooking and the learning curve would be significant. Spending that much time and effort was not something I was prepared to do. As I was looking up scrapbooking, I found something intriguing.

I saw this thing where I would use something that is a cross between a three ring binder and a traditional scrap book. Inside there are these clear pages with different arragements on them. There are these little cards that are meant to be put in these pockets. This system is called project life, by some person named Becky Higgins who is apparently a big name in the scrapbooking community. Can you tell I am a novice? (Any advice is welcome)The original premise of this idea was a photo and journal entry very day. I am totally throwing that out the window. Some of the pockets are 4″x6″so I can simply stick pictures in them without much thought, or I can spend hours and hours making everything very detailed and elaborate, which is amazing as I have no idea how much time I want to put into this. The pockets also come in  lots of sizes from 3″x2″ all the way up to and including 12″x12″. So everything from tiny things to pretty massive things can fit into it. I have decided to make this my physical memory solution for 2015. What have you decided for your solution?


P.S. I went into the craft store intending on buying only a few things, but I have not been to a craft store in a while and…well, let us just say that an upcoming post will be all about what caught my eye and came home with me (forewarning: there is a lot).


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