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Refresh, Revamp, Reevaluate

I always have the urge around the new year to refresh everything. Just to air everything out, do a little refreshing of the things I enjoy and reevaluate what I constitute as important. While doing I noticed that my planner from last year, started to drive me nuts at the end of year. The quality of the planner was there (admitted it was not perfect, but it was adequate), but there were some user issues that arose. I had decided to stick any paraphernalia that I wanted to remember in it. After a whole year of sticking papers, buttons, stickers, pamphlets, photos, etc. By the time December rolled around my planner was bursting with everything I had stuck in it. The coil was coming apart, and with things were falling out often a new solution was needed.

With the acquisition of a new planner, I have settled on a new system for my papers and things as I wanted this planner to not look like it went through a tornado, or four. I researched numerous different ways to keep my memories and I finally settled on this neat little scrapbooking type deal. Photo boxes seemed like I would forget my memorabilia, and it would just be left sitting there. I looked at doing something digital, however that was not method I would want to go as technology seems to be constantly changing and I have a bad record with digital things. I also really enjoy having physical mementos to look back at. I also looked at traditional scrapbooks and that looks time consuming and I would need a lot of things to begin scrapbooking and the learning curve would be significant. Spending that much time and effort was not something I was prepared to do. As I was looking up scrapbooking, I found something intriguing.

I saw this thing where I would use something that is a cross between a three ring binder and a traditional scrap book. Inside there are these clear pages with different arragements on them. There are these little cards that are meant to be put in these pockets. This system is called project life, by some person named Becky Higgins who is apparently a big name in the scrapbooking community. Can you tell I am a novice? (Any advice is welcome)The original premise of this idea was a photo and journal entry very day. I am totally throwing that out the window. Some of the pockets are 4″x6″so I can simply stick pictures in them without much thought, or I can spend hours and hours making everything very detailed and elaborate, which is amazing as I have no idea how much time I want to put into this. The pockets also come in  lots of sizes from 3″x2″ all the way up to and including 12″x12″. So everything from tiny things to pretty massive things can fit into it. I have decided to make this my physical memory solution for 2015. What have you decided for your solution?


P.S. I went into the craft store intending on buying only a few things, but I have not been to a craft store in a while and…well, let us just say that an upcoming post will be all about what caught my eye and came home with me (forewarning: there is a lot).


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The inkWELL Press liveWELL Planner LOATHES

As much as I adore are stare at my planner in awe, there are some things that I thoroughly dislike, or just irk me. So, let us just start.

1. The color scheme- as much I raved about the stunning color palette of this planner, there is one thing that gets to me. It repeats. It repeats (see what I did there, I am really proud of myself). As silly and ridiculous as it sounds, it really that it seems that so much thought was put into every detail that this calendar’s monthly color scheme repeats. For example, January is a subdued mustard color and a teal/aqua color, but so is May AND September. Each monthly color palette is in this planner three times. It bothers me that as I had previously believed that so much thought and attention was put into each and every detail. Now I question that as the color palette thought seems to have been skimped on. I know it is small, but it just bugs me. Plus, October is pink, now February is pink which make sense in my brain, but I feel as though October is more of a fall feeling to me and pink just does not do that for me.

2.The Tabs-the quality so far is lovely, they seem to be the right size for me, so none of those bother me. What bothers me is the color (do I sense a trend). So, there are fifteen tabs in total (each month has a tab, as well as a plan ahead, fun stuff and notes tab) and five of them are in the turquoise color family. The whole point of tabs to me is being to easily find the section that I want and with a third of the tabs in the same color family. Also there are two of the color family tabs next to each other, which does not help my brain find which month I am on. Just for reference, the tabs in order of color are dark grey (plan ahead), pale mustard, medium grey, a purple wine (I am exercising my color description muscles), darker teal, pale yellow, tangerine, grey-green, slightly paler mint, dark violet, pink, purple toned maroon, darker teal (as far as I can tell this color is the same as April) (January- December), ever so slightly lighter mustard than January for Fun Stuff, and lastly a mint for Notes. Just to recap, there are five tabs in the tealish family, three is the muted yellow/mustard category, and three purple-esque tabs. That leaves four tabs, two of which are in the grey family, a tangerine, and a pink. Here is just a smattering of tabs.


3.The Holidays- these are a point of contention for me in a multitude of planners. They seem to be too small to actually be useful and beneficial. However, they are just big enough to be distracting so that if I did not need them I had to find some way to cover them up. I find that this is only true in the weekly version, the monthly version seems to fit my needs needs much better. Have you found this and if so, any solutions??

4.The Cover- as much as I adore the design I have already dented it and while nobody else would even notice. I find that even though I plan not to take this anywhere with me I still need something protect the cover. I have spilled a small amount of water on it and it wiped off very well.

5.The Accordion Folder- I have no idea why this was somehow deemed better than the clear pouch, sheets of anything seem to fall out, if they are not the perfect size. It is so inconvenient for me to open and close, I spend so much time on this task that I generally deem it not worth my time.There are these white things that the string goes around (very technical term, I know), has already bent so that I have to it to bend it back. How quickly is that going to look bad?? My guess is less than a month if I don’t break the string before that. I am thinking that I just might take the string off, or the entire pocket, although I am not sure what I should put there instead. Other than this and the cover the planner has held up perfectly.



P.S. Just for reference, I get a $10 credit and you would get 20% off your purchase of a planner at . I tried to find codes for 20% off without giving someone else money if you are uncomfortable with this, but I could not. Sometimes inkWELL has promo codes on their social media sites, so I will link those here.





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So, I have not posted in a little bit

So in case you noticed, which would be surprising since no one seems to go on this blog, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s not because I haven’t done anything interesting, because I have. It’s not because I haven’t had time because I have. It’s not because I’ve been living on a rock, because honestly I don’t know if I would survive. I would say it’s not because I’m lazy…but that could be true. On second thought, that lazy part is most likely true. Now I am planning on starting posting slightly more regularly than once a month. In fact I plan on posting everyday, but the likelihood of that is quite slim.

Now, this is to say I didn’t warn because if you look at my first post I totally did. I’m planning on going to St. Louis, Missouri on Friday, so hopefully I will blog about my trip there. Honestly, I’ve no real excuse to why I didn’t blog other than the lazy one which really doesn’t excuse it off. This line is pretty much to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Thank you,

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Leap Day


Today is what is know as Leap Day, February 29th. I was told I was supposed to seize the day a while ago, since Leap Day is kind of like the extra day gifted to us once every four years. I, however, disagree. Leap Day is more or less just one more hash mark on the days, there is no holiday. My year would be practically identical if leap day did not exist. Despite the general public’s idea of the importance of leap day, I find it to simply throw me off. For instance, when little kids are learning how many days there are in each month there is an very different number of days in February. To me it would make much more sense if Leap day and the last day of March were switched therefor there would always be 29 days in February and 30 or 31 days in March or take it off of August.

Also, why is it called Leap Day, rather the 28th of February when there is no 29th should be leap day since you leap over the 29th. Alternatively, the 29th of February could be called Lag Day.

Confused about “Lag Day”,


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Answering Days


Today I will be answering the questions I posed awhile ago, maybe this will get me back to the bloging state of mind. Maybe, I’ll even remember to blog tomorrow .

Q: How was your day today?

A: My day went well today. I went out to eat (always a plus) and it was very relaxing.

Q: What do you have on your feet?

A: I currently have nothing on my feet, unfortunately.

Q: How many hairs do you think you have, not only on your head?

A: 5,738 (that is a total guess)

Q: Where is the closest exit to you right now?

A: The closest exit for me is about 50 feet to my left.

Q: If you met an alien, what would you do?

A:  I honestly have no idea. I guess I would wait for the alien to make the first move and depending on that react accordingly….

Q: If you had to pick any age to be what age would you pick?

A: I would like to five. When you are younger certain, tasks that I would consider easy are difficult such as walking and running. By the time one is fine most of gross and fine motor skills

Q: What are your feelings on tugboats?

A: Tugboats, well I am relatively indifferent on the tugboat debate, although I have never ridden one.

Q: When did you find this blog?

The day, moment, second it was created. What a coincidence.

Q: Do you have your own blog?

A: If I answered no, would you believe me?

Q: How many languages can you speak (this is not only “hello” and “where is the bathroom”)?

A: Two, American English and German. Although, I would not say I am fluent in German (the bar for fluent for me is when you dream in a language, unfortunately I dream only in English).

Q: When was the last time you received a compliment?

A: Yesterday, someone liked my shirt.

Q: When was the last time you gave a compliment?

A: Today, I told someone I liked their piece of written work.

Q: If you had to run as a political candidate today, what would your platform be?

A: My platform would be something that I think the least amount of people would vote for, since I have no desire to be elected.

Q: How many lives have you led?

A: Countless…

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Dark green, hands down.

Q: If your favorite color determined your stature in society, would you change it?

A: No, I currently have no idea what colors are what statures. Also, I hope that a society where stature was based solely on your favorite color would be overthrown.


Hopefully you learned a little bit about me,


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Questioning Days


For my writing today (after this sentance), I shall simply write questions.

How was your day today? What do you have on your feet? How many hairs do you think you have, not only on your head? Where is the closest exit to you right now? If you met an alien, what would you do? If you had to pick any age to be what age would you pick? What are your feelings on tugboats? When did you find this blog? Do you have your own blog? How many languages can you speak (this is not only “hello” and “where is the bathroom”)? When was the last time you received a compliment? When was the last time you gave a compliment? If you had to run as a political candidate today, what would your platform be? How many lives have you led? What is your favorite color? If your favorite color determined your stature in society, would you change it?


P.S. I will answer these tomorrow. I have also updated the books section of this site.

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New Years Day and Day of Birth


When I started this blogging business I thought that would only last a few days, but three was even very few for me. Hopefully, this time, I will reach at least four days. I kept telling myself that I would return when I had tried to flip a coin to make a big decision. Unfortunately,  I have not had any major decisions to make, maybe next time though…

This year I have decided not to make a new year’s resolution, even though I have in years previous. “Why?” you may ask. I have decided that rather than a new year’s resolution I will make a birthday resolution. New years seems to me to be an odd holiday. There is no particular reason, as far as I can see, that the new year was three days ago. I mean, is there any rhyme or reason it could not be between February and March, or September and October, or even in the middle of a month. A day of much more importance for me is my birthday. Yes, my birthday could have been in any month, or even the same day as new years day, but something actually changes on that date. When you are eighteen you can vote. When you are 21 you can legally have alcohol. When you are 35 you can run for president. When you have been through 18 new years days though there is nothing necessarily  different than 17 new years days.  So I will have a birthday resolution, instead of a new years resolution mostly for that reason (also, I have not thought of a good one yet).


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