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The inkWELL Press liveWELL Planner LOVES

I adore this planner, everything from the gorgeous cover, to the general design, to the size of it, and even the kind of behind the scenes emails you get. So, today I am going to wax on about the things I freaking love about my planner (do not not worry all of you pessimists out there, the loathes will be coming soon, along with the things I wish it had, but doesn’t).

First, Let us talk about the cover. There are five options and it took me a good week to decide as I liked two of them equally, I finally got some advice from my friends about which one I should go with. They went with the wood chevron cover, however the mitered stripe was a close runner up. The pictures are starting now, just keep in mind I adore it and I may have take a handful of pictures (I give, I give I may have spent quite a while staring and photographing it).



Second, the aesthetic of the planner is very up my alley (what a cliche phrase). On a more serious note, I feel as though the muted, yet somehow professional. The design is very minimal in a way, but still is eye catching. I am extremely detail oriented so I care about everything from how dark the lines to write on are to what holidays are preprinted.



Third, the size of this planner is a dream for me. I am so happy that it is slightly smaller than a typical eight and a half by eleven notebook. This size allows me to fit so much more in my planner, all of the important things. You know like, paint your nails and get paper towels, or even I really liked those towels I saw at the store today. I also love that it is not paper thin, I need a planner with some bulk to it. In a video posted about this planner before I bought is Tonya (some higher up in the company) was talking about the weight of the paper and to be honest I was like cool, but I have no idea what that means (video here). I really did not know what the big idea was, and I kind of still do not. My only hope is that the paper does not curl and it has not done so yet.

Fourth, I really enjoy all of the behind the scenes things that are a part of my planner experience, from the emails I recieved to the facebook group to all of the people’s honest opinions about this planner. The day after my planner shipped I got these emails from Tonya (still not exactly sure what position she is, but she is important in the company). There were six in total and each was all about setting your planner from the mission statement to various hints and tips and some things you could download and print. She is very easy to relate to and she seemed down to earth and engaging. After the emails are done emails are sent monthly from inkWELL press including backgrounds for phones and computers. There is also a section on the inkWELL website that has things to download and print to add to the planner. Another bonus is the facebook group dedicated to the liveWELL planner. Tonya is an active participant and everyone seems welcoming and there is a general positivty surrounding the interactions that occur within this group. Another thing that I have appreciated was all of the genuine opinions to this planner and why or why not this planner worked for people chose it. I have included a few of my favorite videos and blog posts below.




P.S. A lot of these blogs talk about referral codes I have one which I will put here. Just for reference, I get a $10 credit and you would get 20% off your purchase of a planner (http://inkwellpress.refr.cc/CPHBBQV). I tried to find codes for 20% off without giving someone else money if you are uncomfortable with this, but I could not. Sometimes inkWELL has promo codes on their social media sites, so I will link those here.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inkwellpress

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My New Obsession….seriously, I need rehab

Life has been ridiculous lately. My internet connection has been poorly recently (actually for the past two years), and life in general has just seemed to become so busy. I seem to have less and less time for the things I adore and time seems to keep moving faster and I do not want to forget what has happened. I tend to constantly look towards the future and dwell on the past, rather than focus on the present. In an effort to change this and to just be more on top of things in general I have acquired a rather pricey planner. While this this is a materialistic approach to solving my problem and may even exacerbate it, I found that when I have previously kept up a planner I feel like I am more in control and I have time to appreciate the moment.

The planner I chose is pricey (maybe even extortion…I kid, I kid), it comes in at a whopping $59.00 (only 54 without personalization, that is slightly more reasonable, right). After cringing with sticker shock, I grudgingly admired how stunning it is. Here are my numerous pictures of the inkWELL Press liveWELL planner.








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