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My New Obsession….seriously, I need rehab

Life has been ridiculous lately. My internet connection has been poorly recently (actually for the past two years), and life in general has just seemed to become so busy. I seem to have less and less time for the things I adore and time seems to keep moving faster and I do not want to forget what has happened. I tend to constantly look towards the future and dwell on the past, rather than focus on the present. In an effort to change this and to just be more on top of things in general I have acquired a rather pricey planner. While this this is a materialistic approach to solving my problem and may even exacerbate it, I found that when I have previously kept up a planner I feel like I am more in control and I have time to appreciate the moment.

The planner I chose is pricey (maybe even extortion…I kid, I kid), it comes in at a whopping $59.00 (only 54 without personalization, that is slightly more reasonable, right). After cringing with sticker shock, I grudgingly admired how stunning it is. Here are my numerous pictures of the inkWELL Press liveWELL planner.









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